Phase Specific Throwing Program

I created this program in response to the inadequate understanding in all of the athletic community as to how to instruct overhead athletes. There are numerous options for athletes or parents investigating throwing programs. I’ve spent 15 years evaluating all the available programs I could find and came to the conclusion that none of them are complete or biomechanically sound. The throwing motion produces extraordinary stress on the shoulder and elbow and is the most forceful athletic endeavor on the planet. It takes years to perfect and needs to be trained specifically by instructors who understand the clinical implications and medical consequences of doing it wrong. In my clinical experience as an orthopedic physical therapist, I have encountered thousands of injured throwing athletes. Every time, these athletes had biomechanical faults in their throwing motion that lead to their injuries. My injuries as a former professional pitcher were the result of improper throwing technique. No one in the medical community or in professional athletics recognized this and altered my technique to prevent it. This was the result of complete lack of recognition as to why improper throwing mechanics can lead to pathological changes to the RTC or elbow and eventually lead to injury

In order to train an efficient and biomechanically sound throwing motion it is necessary to understand the individual phases of the throwing motion. Each phase is as important as the next. Each phase leads to the next. Our OAI corrective exercise program trains the entire athlete. We give athletes the tools to prepare their body to deliver the ball without structural or functional deficits. Our OAI phase specific throwing program creates neuromuscular coordination and muscle memory required to throw correctly. Understanding how the forces on the shoulder and elbow produce stress gives us unique knowledge to train the throwing motion correctly. The individuals that should train athletes are the ones who have to rehabilitate them after they are injured

There are absolutes in the throwing motion that must be perfected to allow an athlete to maximize their performance. Every athlete is different. Designing this program took years to develop and will take a monumental effort on your part. Each phase must be perfected in order to move on to the next. Throwing protocols do not work unless there is a pathway that ensures that the athlete is using their anatomy efficiently. The throwing motion is complicated and difficult. The key is placing your body in the right place at the right time. We show you how to position your entire kinetic chain in three dimensional space to create the maximal amount of force. We also show you how to position your upper and lower extremities during the individual phases of the throwing motion to protect against unnecessary force being placed on the throwing arm that can lead to injury.

All of the prominent programs today are promoting their formula without medical justification or any understanding as to why their product may or may not work. They use testimonial after testimonial to validate their programs. Every one of these testimonials involves some athlete that threw slower before and now throws much harder. The use comparisons of professional athletes and simply state that by utilizing their techniques you will be able to approximate the professional and throw like them. Some even go so far as to say that if the professional threw the way that they instruct that their velocity and command would increase. We purchased all of these programs and spoke with the creators with the hope that we would find anyone who actually knew what they were talking about. Unfortunately, we did not find that individual. What we did find were former athletes, scouts, and coaches who observed throwing athletes for a number of years and now believed that they were able to make athletes throw harder. These individuals did not have medical degrees nor did they have a complete understanding of neurophysiology or muscular activation. They were all exceptional salesmen. Their websites are filled with baseball terminology and catch phrases that create the perception that entices you to believe that they can take any athlete and make them an instant professional. The percentages speak otherwise. The most disappointing aspect of what we investigated was that much of what they are promoting is wrong and dangerous. I’ve rehabilitated hundreds of athletes that were hurt by internet programs. I don’t want that to happen to you which is why I created this program. It is the first of its kind and takes a huge commitment. If you want to be the best athlete you can be you need this program. Our OAI motto has always been Correct and Create. We look forward to working with you and will always strive to give athletes the tools they need to reach their dreams.