Corrective Exercise Program

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Corrective Exercise Program

The OAI Corrective Exercise Program is designed with a specific progression to take you through dynamic and static rotational and postural control exercises. Every exercise was specifically chosen to increase usable range of motion and excursion of your tissues to allow you to throw as hard as they potentially can while simultaneously allowing you to more easily transition through the phases of the throwing motion.  Increasing rotational mobility and stability throughout the entire kinematic sequence of the throwing motion is the most over looked aspect of training throwing athletes. This 12 week program is designed to be used independently or in conjunction with our Phase Specific Throwing Program which was created to put you on the pathway to move towards biomechanical efficiency. Physics governs how hard you throw. Applying an acceleration over a greater distance will allow you to throw faster and release the ball closer to the target. The only modifiable physiological adaptation that can be made to throw harder is improving the usable excursion of your tissues with postural control. Combining this with lever arm approximation and summation of lever arms which we cover in our Phase Specific Throwing Program is the true equation for speed.

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Dynamic Corrective Exercise

The purpose of dynamic exercises is to incorporate controlled rotational stability with combined upper and lower extremity movement patterns. The effort required to control the positions of the trunk and core are just as important as the exercise itself. Deviation away from midline or loss of pelvic positioning defeats the purpose of the exercise.

Remember: the only way to accelerate a ball efficiently is to maintain your posture throughout the entire acceleration and deceleration phase of the throwing motion.

Progression to the dynamic stability exercises allows athletes to fully benefit from the phase specific positioning of our kinematic sequence throwing program. These exercises are best performed with an SFMA band with visual inspection to ensure proper performance. Performing in front of a mirror or with supervision is the best way to accomplish this. We recommend performing with partners to maximize your outcome.

Static Corrective Exercise

Static exercises must include proper positioning throughout the entire excursion of motion to have the intended physiological and stabilization effect.

Deviation from the correct positioning defeats the purpose of the exercise. These exercises create more rotational stability and elastic range which allow the athlete to use the individual phases of our throwing program more effectively. Many of these movements are difficult to perform without support. We start with the tall kneeling or half kneeling positions. Progressing to the split stance position without perfecting all aspects of the activity can lead to improper positioning of the pelvis or trunk and reinforce incorrect movement patterns and more relative inflexibility. Each exercise is designed to create stability and more usable flexibility that assist in maximizing your ability to create rotational speed throughout the entire throwing motion. As medical professionals we understand why inefficiencies can lead to injuries and why they rob you of speed. We cannot stress enough the importance of the specificity of exercise.

Our number one goal is to have each athlete reach their potential without injury. Do the exercise right before progressing towards the next level.​

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