Keys to Velocity

Welcome to the Overhead Athletic

The key to velocity is biomechanics.

Each athlete is unique, but the formula for throwing the ball efficiently is the same.   Where you create velocity is a product of how you use your body throughout the individual phases of the throwing motion. Understanding what to do and when needs to be understood and felt by the athlete so they can reproduce it without thinking about it. That requires perfect repetition. Kinesthetic awareness is the minds ability to know what the body is doing and where it is in three dimensional space. The throwing motion is a complex combined movement pattern. The mind teaches the body and the body teaches the mind. We learn perfect performance through repetition and success. At the OAI we understand what positions you need to repeat and why you need to repeat them.

Peak performance in an athlete can only be accomplished with the full knowledge of biomechanics and efficiency.

Our program will show you how to attain that. We will also educate you and show you why adherence to our philosophy will protect you from injury. Perfecting the biomechanics of the throwing motion and protecting you from injury are one in the same. If you use your body the right way you can reach your full potential and avoid injury at the same time. Our program gives you both.

Type IIB and Type IIA Muscle Fiber Types

Type IIB muscle fibers are fast twitch glycolytic and are the speed producers. Type IIA muscle fibers are fast twitch oxidative and are intermediate speed producers. Structured training has been proven to make our recruitment of muscle types more efficient. The recruitment of muscle types depends on our nervous system’s ability to recruit motor units. The way to optimize motor unit recruitment with an overhead athlete is to provide a stable base for power. An efficient movement pattern developed over time allows the athlete to conserve energy and throw harder with less effort. Your maximum velocity depends on your mechanics and where in the throwing motion you apply speed. This is exactly what our program will accomplish. We will incorporate our knowledge of specificity of training to maximize your ability to accelerate the ball in the most efficient way available. There are no shortcuts and perfect repetition is the only way to reach your goals. You need to Correct before you Create. This is the philosophy and foundation of The OAI program.