The Team

Welcome to the Overhead Athletic

Max Wardell SPT, BS, CSCS, CAFS

Director and Biomechanics Specialist

Max is the Director of Throwing at the Overhead Athletic Institute.

Carter Kovalcik SPT, BS, PES

Biomechanics Specialist

Carter is an OAI Certified Throwing Instructor and OAI Certified Trainer having 12 years of mentoring experience.

Kyle Suminski PT, DPT

OAI Certified Physical Therapist

Kyle holds a clinical doctorate in physical therapy and works to assist athletes in rehabilitating from injury and improving performance.

Ryan Vinson PT, MPT, OMPT

Continuing Education Instructor

Ryan is a physical therapist with over 15 years of experience and is an instructor in our continuing education program. Ryan also works clinically with athletes in the rehabilitation setting.

Austin Macias SPT, BS, PES, XPS

Biomechanics Specialist

Austin is a Performance Trainer at the Overhead Athletic Institute.

Ed Martel – MPT, OMPT

Founder/Owner/Sports Rehabilitation Specialist

My name is Ed Martel. I was a pitcher for the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers from 1987-1995.