11Apr 2019

‪Glenohumeral impingement rehabilitation of overhead athletes must consider the pathway of least resistance for the shoulder. Stretching the posterior structures to decrease the internal rotation deficit without controlling the positioning and inherent or altered motion of the humeral head often leads to further impingement of the structures that are implicated in the injury. Conscious control […]

20Feb 2019

We have had many questions on how to increase arm strength for baseball players. All baseball players, not just pitchers, need to strengthen their throwing arms and this doesn’t happen by throwing a ball. To improve arm strength baseball players should have a specific and effective arm strengthening routine. This video will go through 5 […]

30Dec 2018

In today’s day and age everything has to do data, graphs, and statistics. Athlete’s have become accustomed to researching data and statistics for nearly everything. This revolution in baseball towards the “Money Ball Approach” has led athletes to believe statistics reign supreme and are infalliable. BUT in the world of injury and rehabilitation, statistics must […]

31Oct 2018

The ulnar collateral ligament (ucl) of the elbow also know as the medial collateral ligament is on the medial side of the elbow attaching to the medial epicondyle of the humerus and the sublime tubercle of the ulna. There are three parts of this ligament but the anterior bundle in the primary stabilizer against valgus, […]

05Oct 2018

Saturday night after a long battle with an aggressive form of cancer Ed Martel passed away. Ed was a living inspiration to everyone he met and a walking miracle, beating the odds numerous times. Not only was Ed the founder of the Overhead Athletic Institute, a co-owner of HealthQuest Physical Therapy, and a professional baseball […]

09Aug 2018

Weak mid and low traps can result in an array of dysfunction and pain for overhead athletes due to the inability to control the position of their scapula with scapular winging, dyskinesis, and malpositioning. The middle trapezius and lower trapezius are responsible for eccentrically stabilizing the scapula in the deceleration phases of the throwing motion. […]

13Jul 2018

Graston or IASTM is a common technique used in therapy and clinical settings to address soft tissue hypo-mobility and to increase blood flow to tissues. We also use it for recovery purposes at the OAI even for athletes who are healthy but are sore or in between throwing outings. Graston can be a useful tool […]