13Mar 2015

Vf=Vi + At Final Velocity=Initial Velocity + Acceleration (Time) Final velocity is a product of initial velocity plus the acceleration force over a period of time. The longer you apply an acceleration force to the ball, the greater the final velocity. This correlates to stride length and amount of time the hand is in contact […]

13Mar 2015

Our bodies are biomechanical machines. The muscles are the engines that control the skeleton. We created the OAI to raise the level of understanding for players and coaches, as well as instructors, with regards to the musculoskeletal and physiological principals that rule and govern the throwing motion. Understanding how the body works and how to […]

04Mar 2015

Electromyographic (EMG) studies have determined the peak muscle activity in the Cocking, Acceleration, and Deceleration Phases of the throwing motion required to center the shoulder in the socket. Scapulothoracic positioning during each of these phases is of paramount importance and is a multifaceted evaluation process. Mobility of the scapula around the rib cage must be assessed […]

24Feb 2015

Welcome to Overhead Athletic Institute: Medical Management and Performance Enhancement for Overhead Athletes The OAI exercise program is designed to address specific individual aspects of muscle activation, proximal stabilization, and RTC strength, each of which has been shown to contribute to efficient pitching mechanics. These exercises must be performed perfectly in order for them to be […]