Phase Specific Pitching Program

Improve Your Biomechanical Sequence

What is the answer to how you can throw faster?

Perfect the timing of your mechanics! Maybe you’ve heard this before. How do you improve your mechanics and increase speed and stay safe. No one instructed me on how to alter my mechanics to protect my arm after my surgeries and I lost my career as a result of this.

There are three forms of acceleration involved in the throwing motion. Linear acceleration, how fast you go from point a to point b, rotational acceleration, how fast your body rotates around an axis while it goes from point a to b, and gravitational acceleration, how you use gravity to contribute to the velocity of your throw. THAT’S IT. You need to understand each of these and how they contribute to or take away from velocity and how each must be maximized during the throwing motion to throw with any efficient speed.

The key to improving your mechanics depends on one thing and one thing only. Your kinematic sequence.

What is the kinematic sequence? The kinematic sequence is the way you manipulate your body during the throwing motion using the correct positioning of your lever arms, ground reaction force, biomechanics, and sequential timing as you progress through the pitching motion.

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I created this Phase Specific Pitching Program to protect athletes from injury. To keep them away from the positions that I know create injuries in the throwing motion in the first place. I’ve spent the last 20 years studying the pathology of the shoulder and elbow. The last 15 rehabilitating and treating injured athletes. My job and the success of my physical therapy clinics depends on my ability to get athletes back to the playing field. My priority has always been protecting athletes from injury. What ended up happening as more and more athletes that came to us as patients that went through our baseball specific movement analysis, the phase specific throwing, and corrective exercise program was all of these athletes ended up throwing much harder than they did before they got injured. Eventually more coaches and teams found out about us and started requesting we work with their non-injured players as well.

In the last ten years I have seen an alarming number of pitchers ending up in therapy or requiring surgery as a result of internet based programs. I knew that it was time to make our program available to more than just the patients that had been hurt by these programs or given improper instruction.

This program is going to teach you how to transition from one phase of the throwing motion to the next seamlessly. You will be exposed to why it is important to create muscle memory and new habits starting from biomechanically efficient positions. The intention of this program is to develop kinesthetic awareness that you can use to correct yourself and throw efficiently and protect your throwing arm.

Each step builds upon the next and will create more efficient controlled movement patterns that will eventually develop into a powerful throwing motion that you can count on to keep you on the field.

My biggest hope is that you recognize that this is much more than just a pitching website. I’m proud of what we’ve created and I am excited to begin working with you. There is no quick way to throwing harder it takes hard work and you will realize very quickly that that’s exactly what I’m asking of you. We plan on following through on our motto Correct and Create and won’t ever stop trying to make you the best pitcher you can be.

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