OAI Corrective Exercise Program


Course Description:

  • The only program ever created to increase usable tissue excursion while creating mobility and  stability through the positions of the throwing motion
  • This program will include over 75 exercises over a 12 week time frame specifically designed to to transform your body
  • This program includes videos for each exercise as week as a week by week schedule and downloadable training manual
  • The exercise videos are fully explained with detail and the training manual includes pictures and bullet points on each exercise as well as brief educational material



The OAI Corrective Exercise Program is designed with a specific progression to take you through dynamic and static rotational and postural control exercises. Every exercise was specifically chosen to increase usable range of motion and excursion of your tissues to allow you to throw as hard as they potentially can while simultaneously allowing you to more easily transition through the phases of the throwing motion. The only modifiable physiological adaptation that can be made to throw harder is improving the usable excursion of your tissues with postural control.


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