Ed Martel – MPT, OMPT

A powerful throwing is produced through the summation of angular momentum and linear acceleration with the utilization of biomechanically efficient lever arms to forcefully propel the ball in a straight line towards its intended target. A clinical understanding of skeletal anatomy and a thorough knowledge of neuromuscular principals is required to teach an efficient and safe throwing motion.
My name is Ed Martel. I was a pitcher for the New York Yankees and Detroit Tigers from 1987-1995.
I am currently a physical therapist with over thirteen years experience in the field of orthopedics, sports specific training, biomechanics, and the pathology of injury. I received my masters in physical therapy in 2002 and I am a certified specialist in orthopedic manual therapy.
I have been studying the throwing motion for over 15 years and have been working with injured athletes for over a decade.
I have rehabilitated and trained throwing athletes from preadolescent levels all the way to the professional level. I injured my shoulder and elbow during my professional playing career and underwent multiple surgeries that required physical therapy carried out at the foremost physical therapy and sport performance institutes across the country. My career was cut short because of the inadequate understanding of how my throwing mechanics contributed to the pathological progression of my injuries. I have spent the last fifteen years acquiring practical experience working with injured athletes and returning them to their respective sports safer, stronger, and better prepared to excel. I have numerous orthopedic surgeons and specialized sports physicians who specifically refer their athletes to my physical therapy facilities and the OAI as a result of the outcomes that we have produced for their patients.
We developed the Overhead Athletic Institute with the intention of teaching athletes the core absolutes of a biomechanically efficient and powerful throwing motion.
We also intend to teach throwing athletes the proper way to train for the throwing motion and prepare them for their seasons with the optimal chance of avoiding injury. Baseball is by far the most misunderstood and improperly trained sport. There are more injuries from repetitive overuse to throwing athletes than any other sport The shoulder and elbow complex are the most complicated joints in all the body. We will use our clinical knowledge and practical experience to eradicate unnecessary injury and give your athlete the best possibility of success.
We want nothing more than to allow every athlete the opportunity to take their talent as far as it possibly can go uninterrupted by injury.