The OAI Mission

We believe that an exercise and conditioning program that is based on clinical experience with athletes and rehabilitating them to full functional status substantiates ourselves as the obvious choice for individuals looking to improve performance on the field. We are certain that after you initiate our program, you will see the irrefutable difference between programs designed by individuals that claim to know exercise and conditioning principles and professionals whose job it is to rehabilitate injured athletes.

Our program is based on neurophysiology, postural restoration, biomechanics, periodicity, sports specific performance enhancement, and injury prevention.

Strength has been thoroughly investigated in clinical orthopedic research and shown not to be related to the speed of movement. To improve pitching speed, it is necIMG_0362essary to train the body for speed. Simply put, the only way to increase the speed of the arm and body is to train it to move faster. The best way to train for this speed is to be functionally strong throughout your entire kinetic chain. In order to accelerate a ball efficiently you need functional stability. Then you must superimpose skill specific mobility on that core rotational stability. This is one of the main principles in orthopedic physical therapy. Our entire program has been designed by observing and understanding all of the compensations that we see in Overhead Athletes’ throwing motions that rob them of power and make them susceptible to injury. We start every athlete with a Sports Specific Functional Movement Analysis (SSFMA) that gives you an opportunity to see your own weaknesses and use corrective exercises we have designed to eliminate those imbalances.

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    The ground is our primary source for power and we are all affected by gravity.

    Maximizing performance on the field without consideration for both of these will never produce an optimal result. Understanding how to create linear speed and angular momentum requires a thorough knowledge of ground reaction force and what needs to be done to transfer power to the body.

    We have dedicated years to the investigation and development of this program. It is the first of its kind. It has been a monumental undertaking we are proud to introduce. We are certain that this program will give you a better understanding of how your body works and why sport specific training needs to be individualized. Every one’s skeletal anatomy is different and that is why it is paramount to consider this when designing an exercise or performance program. There are many individuals selling and promoting themselves as experts in the field of overhead athletics.

    We wanted to create a program that is substantiated in science and can actually make a difference. We expect to deliver and hold ourselves accountable for your results!