What is the OAI Program?

The Ultimate GoalOur program has been created, adapted, altered, and perfected through years of clinical and practical experience rehabilitating and training injured and non-injured athletes to perform better and more safely on the field.

In the years preceding our program, we investigated, witnessed, and scrutinized every program we could find looking for individuals who truly understood sport specific training and injury prevention in overhead athletes. During our investigation it became painstakingly clear that there were many individuals who just branded themselves as experts in the field that had created programs which were questionable in their validity as to actually being able to accomplish what they claimed their programs could do.

Our program utilizes the principles of core stability, mobility super imposed on rotational stability, functional power, plyometric activation, and skill specific speed.
The OAI Headquarters

The OAI Headquarters

Training one before the other can lead to compensations that actually decrease your ability to produce speed and eventually reinforce bad habits. These bad habits are exactly why people end up in physical therapy with RTC injuries, UCL strains (Tommy John), Little Leaguers elbow, bicep tendonitis, labral tears, and a host of other injuries related to bad biomechanics.

Perfect performance of our exercises and continual self-assessment are the only way that you can maximize your outcome with our program. We will show how to do the exercise, why we are doing it the way we are doing it, why it is important, and how it is related to the overhead throwing motion.