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I play quarterback professionally in Europe and it’s not an exaggeration to say that Max saved my career.

Before the start of my season, I began to experience extreme pain in my throwing shoulder. As a quarterback, this is a terrible feeling. Working out, throwing, and everyday activities were becoming more painful. My orthopedic doctor ordered an MRI and I got seemingly awful news that my labrum was partially torn. I was told the recovery from surgery would be 6-8 months. Unfortunately, this is 4 months before my season so surgery simply wasn’t an option. The doctor said if I could play through the pain, I would need surgery after the season concluded. 

I began researching everything I could about SLAP tears and stumbled upon Max at Overhead Athletics. I’m so glad I did. While Max offered to do virtual sessions with me (I’m in Charlotte, NC), I decided it would be worthwhile to see him in person at his facility in Michigan. Max spent hours with me on everything. I was so impressed by not only his knowledge of the shoulder but of the entire body. For the first hour, we barely talked about my shoulder and instead he evaluated my whole body. I learned that my hip flexor was extremely tight and my non-throwing side was stronger than my throwing side because I had been compensating for the injury. 

After that, he had me throw. He then made some tweaks to my throwing motion. The slight changes were just enough to take pressure off my labrum and put it on my lower half. Max also gave me an exercise and stretching routine. 

I’ve been consistently doing everything Max has advised and I’m pleased to report I’m playing with little to no pain. I feel stronger than ever and don’t dread throwing like I used to because I know the pain isn’t going to flare up. My orthopedic doctor said if things continue to go like they are I could avoid surgery all together. I can’t thank Max and Overhead Athletics enough. I’m so glad I found them and he was able to help.

Randy Schroeder

Professional Quarterback

After 6 months of treatment for “Little League Shoulder Syndrome” we brought our 11-year-old son to Ed Martel at HealthQuest. We had heard Ed’s name from several friends and mentioned him to our Orthopedist, who highly recommended him. From our first visit we were confident we had found the right place. Ed was scientific in his recommendations and dedicated to our son’s recovery. He combines just the right medical and baseball knowledge. While completing physical therapy Ed encouraged our son to continue in his throwing program where he methodically teaches him the correct positions for throwing. Our son is serious about baseball and always eager to visit Mr. Ed!

Sharon & Evan

Parents of Little Leaguer

Ed Martel has been the single most important influence in my sons’ lives since they were 9 and 10. The conditioning and training programs that Ed developed for my sons were both physically and mentally challenging. My sons are in the best shape of their lives and are recruited baseball players for North Carolina Central University. They are relentless and confident both in the field and in the classroom. Ed Martel has: • Improved their throwing mechanics to prevent injuries • Little league elbow where we got started, no arm injury since • Worked with both boys to improve their mechanics and their arm strength • Tailored the programs for baseball, a lot of rotational strengthening exercises • Looked up to him as young boys and as they grew up their relationship grew too • Increased flexibility • Had boys work on weaknesses • One stop shop; if you get hurt he can heal you and correct your mechanics to reduce your risk of future – Ed Martel: knowledgeable, certified, amazing!

Carter and Conrad Kovalcik

Collegiate Pitchers

Our son started with Ed Martel after a sports injury. At 11 years of age, Jacob got little league shoulder, or a separation of his growth plate in his arm. Jacob couldn’t throw a ball due to the pain. We tried another sports medicine site, and, although he improved, he still wasn’t where he needed to be. So, upon recommendation from the orthopedic shoulder doctor, we visited Ed. Ed worked with Jacob through his injury. He worked through the rehabilitation of the shoulder and the pitching/throwing mechanics to help assure that this injury does not occur again. Upon completing this, Jacob has been pain free! Ed made such an impact on Jacob that he can tell when others are throwing a baseball wrong. Jacob has taken what he has learned from Ed to help others avoid the injury he suffered. Ed has a great rapport with Jacob and made the entire process educational and fun, while healing from the injury. When talking about pitching, Jacob always refers to Ed Martel and what he taught him.

Jim Badal

Parents of Little Leaguer

For a baseball player, hearing the news of a post-labral tear to your shoulder requiring surgery is devastating. My 16 year old son was one of those players, sidelining him from his high school season as well as his summer travel team. It was not only a physical injury, but an emotional one too. Our main goal post-surgery was to find the right physical therapist. After several referrals, we chose Ed Martel at Health Quest Physical Therapy and the Overhead Athletics Institute. I am a firm believer in “everything happens for a reason.” This does not mean that I am happy my son suffered this injury, but because of it we had the opportunity to meet and work with Ed. Ed was able to regain full range of motion and strength, not to mention he was also able to restore confidence in my son that I was afraid was lost for good! Ed not only made sure that my son’s shoulder was healthy enough to return to the sport he loved, but worked to ensure that this injury would not happen again. After countless hours of therapy, working on the proper mechanics of throwing, videotaping sessions, “high-fives” and encouragement, my son is back on the field. I will never forget when my son said to me “I am happy when I am playing baseball and when I’m not, I am not happy.” Thanks to Ed, my son is HAPPY!

Beth Lambert

Parent of High School Pitcher

For the past three years I have been working with Ed Martel at the Overhead Athletic Institute. Ed is a very knowledgeable guy when it comes to the physics of throwing a baseball. He has helped me come back from a shoulder injury sustained before I began using this program; since I have been working with Ed I have not had another injury to my shoulder while pitching. As much as Ed helps me fix the deficiencies in my throwing motion, he more importantly taught me how to recognize flaws in my motion and the steps to fix them on my own. Ed has done a great job working patiently and compassionately with me over the years and I would recommend this program for anyone who wants to prolong their throwing career.

Alex Pogasic

High School Pitcher

I injured my elbow while I was pitching and was forced to sit out for six months. After that I went to see Ed Martel and the drills he put me through to improve my mechanics were very helpful. He broke the drills down so I could easily understand them. He personalized his drills and approach to fit me and maximize my performance. I found myself throwing harder with less effort and no stress put on my elbow. I am now back to pitching and at a higher level than where I was before I saw Ed.

Kyle Patton

High School Pitcher

WHAT IS AN OVERHEAD ATHLETE? An Overhead Athlete is any amateur or professional who participates in a repetitive overhead activity and is thus at risk of traumatic or degenerative injuries to the shoulder and elbow.

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