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The Overhead Athletic Institute “OAI” provides top notch mechanical instruction and training of overhead athletes and education for rehabilitation professionals, performances specialists, coaches, parents, and players.

Athletic Performance

The Overhead Athletic Institute teaches throwing athletes how to optimize their throwing mechanics, increase velocity, and reduce their risk of injury through targeted corrective exercises and individualized throwing progressions. To allow athletes to maximize their performance, the OAI offers sport performance training that utilizes advanced techniques in skill acquisition, strength and conditioning, and biomechanics.

Services include:

  • Movement Screens and Orthopedic Evaluations
  • Biomechanical Throwing Analysis
  • Throwing Mechanics Intervention Programs
  • Arm and Shoulder Care Programs
  • Corrective Exercise and Strength and Conditioning Programs

Athletic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

The Overhead Athletic Institute offers sport specific physical therapy for injured athletes. Sport specific and orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation programs that allow athletes to optimize their recovery potential.

Services include:

  • Return to Throwing Programs following an Injury or Surgery
  • Corrective Exercise and Sport Specific Rehabilitation

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Education for the Clinician


The in-person educational opportunities offered by the OAI include the preeminent courses on rehabilitation, training, and coaching of overhead throwing athletes.

These courses are based on a holistic, systematic approach known as the Martel Method that addresses each athlete’s injuries, functional limitations, and/or performance goals with an individualized approach centered around motor learning theory, orthopedic medicine, manual therapy, and kinesiology.

In the years preceding our program, we investigated, witnessed, and scrutinized every program we could find looking for individuals who truly understood sport specific training and injury prevention in overhead athletes. During our investigation it became painstakingly clear that there were many individuals who branded themselves as experts in the field that had created programs which were questionable in their validity as to actually being able to accomplish what they claimed their programs could do.  After noticing this gap in the quality of care for overhead athletes we knew we needed step up and create this first of a kind certification. This certification will combine our practical experience working with throwing athletes in therapy, on the field, and in the gym with our clinical education and our playing experience at all levels of the game to form an integrated and holistic approach to maximize your effectiveness with throwing athletes.

Far too often throwing athletes experience preventable career ending injuries and even more common are athletes who never fully realize their true potential on the field.  The Overhead Athletic Institute’s goals for these certifications are to give you the tools to better train, rehabilitate, and coach your throwing athletes so they can maximize their performance and durability on the field.

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