Onsite Training

The Overhead Athletic Institute (OAI) provides top notch IN PERSON TRAINING and mechanical instruction for overhead athletes and education for rehabilitation professionals, performances specialists, coaches, parents, and players.

Athletic Performance

The Overhead Athletic Institute teaches throwing athletes how to optimize their throwing mechanics, increase velocity, and reduce their risk of injury through targeted corrective exercises and individualized throwing progressions. To allow athletes to maximize their performance, the OAI offers sport performance training that utilizes advanced techniques in skill acquisition, strength and conditioning, and biomechanics.

  • Movement Screens and Orthopedic Evaluations
  • Biomechanical Throwing Analysis
  • Throwing Mechanics Intervention Programs
  • Arm and Shoulder Care Programs
  • Corrective Exercise and Strength and Conditioning Programs

Athletic Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

The Overhead Athletic Institute offers sport specific physical therapy for injured athletes. Sport specific and orthopedic physical therapy and rehabilitation programs that allow athletes to optimize their recovery potential.

  • Return to Throwing Programs following an Injury or Surgery
  • Corrective Exercise and Sport Specific Rehabilitation

Live Training Program Costs

95% of OAI training consists of biomechanics sessions or consultations that turn into biomechanics sessions. Now, the nuts and bolts of our in-person training!


25-Minute Consultation with an Overhead Athletic Institute instructor that will detail the best plan of action or the next steps to improve your performance or get you back on the field.

Biomechanics Analysis and Training Pricing

Single Session


Package of 4 Sessions


Package of 6 Sessions


Package of 8 Sessions


These packages include a comprehensive Baseball Specific Movement Assessment (BSMA) and Orthopedic Physical Evaluation designed to discover weaknesses or limitations that will lead to compensation and breakdown in the throw. This is followed by a Biomechanical Analysis of the throw to identify faults and inefficiencies that will later be corrected through a unique approach based on motor learning science and kinesiology.

Group and Small Group Training

Training sessions for Overhead Athletes dependent upon the season and program the athlete is enrolled. Rates and program details vary.


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