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The True Science Behind Pitching

Our bodies are biomechanical machines. The muscles are the engines that control the skeleton. We created the OAI to raise the level of understanding for players and

What Are The Keys To Velocity?

The key to velocity is biomechanics. The perfect sequence must be learned. Each athlete is unique, but the formula for throwing the ball efficiently is

Phase Specific Throwing Program

throwing a ball wants more speed. We know that’s the primary reason young athletes are attracted to the websites available right now that promise immediate

Are You Throwing As Hard As You Can?

3 Things That Lead To Breakdown And Inefficiency 1. Poor Mechanics-Video Analysis can only isolate mechanical breakdowns. 2. Poor Conditioning-Our FMS/BSFMA screen will isolate any

Tommy John Surgery Recovery

We have been receiving many questions recently regarding athletes who have had Tommy John Surgery and are returning to throwing and are experiencing some pain

Hip Internal Rotation Stretch

We often see deficits in hip internal rotation that present in athlete’s throwing mechanics negatively impacting their performance and predisposing them to injury. In this

Welcome to OAI

Welcome to Overhead Athletic Institute: Medical Management and Performance Enhancement for Overhead Athletes The OAI exercise program is designed to address specific individual aspects of muscle activation,

OAI Static Stability Exercises

Static stability exercises must include proper positioning throughout the entire excursion of motion to have the intended physiological and stabilization effect. Deviation from the correct

OAI Dynamic Stability Exercises

The purpose of the dynamic exercises is to incorporate controlled rotational stability with combined upper and lower extremity movement patterns. The throwing motion is a

OAI Exercises

Our exercises are designed to increase the static and dynamic rotational stability of the entire kinetic chain throughout the various phases of the overhead throwing motion.

Maximize Your Muscle Type

Specificity of Types of Muscle Fibers Type IIB and Type IIA Muscle Fiber Types and Specificity Type IIB muscle fibers are fast twitch glycolytic and are

Why Athletes Need A Therapist!

Train at the Overhead Athletic Institute with one of our OAI Certified Professional Trainers In the state of Michigan and in 48 other states you

Stop Long Toss Immediately

Long Toss has been used by many coaches and teams as a means to increase arm strength and endurance. There has never been any statistical

Rotator Cuff Complete

The Rotator Cuff’s role in the throwing motion is to center the humeral head of the shoulder in the socket of the scapula. The muscles

The Importance of Pronation in Pitching

Pronation timed appropriately is extremely important especially for someone who has undergone a reconstruction. Our bodies are hardwired to move certain ways based on physiology, joint