Are You Throwing As Hard As You Can?

3 Things That Lead To Breakdown And Inefficiency

1. Poor Mechanics-Video Analysis can only isolate mechanical breakdowns.

2. Poor Conditioning-Our FMS/BSFMA screen will isolate any kinetic chain limitations.

3. Poor Segmental Stabilization-Eliminates any chance of creating power efficiently.

Analyzing video and maximizing the opportunity an overhead thrower has to create greater velocity requires more than just superimposing your mechanics on a professional pitcher and saying copy this and you can throw harder. Professionals with sound mechanics have perfected their motions through thousands of hours of skill acquisition and training to eliminate imbalances that allow them to utilize their musculoskeletal system efficiently and powerfully. Each athlete is different and it is virtually impossible without some form of corrective exercise regimen to instruct athletes solely from watching their throwing motion on video.

A baseball specific structural analysis in combination with video analysis is the only true pathway to achieving velocity and safety.

The OAI is the sole provider of both and backed with clinical expertise and years of professional pitching experience.

Don’t be fooled and mislead that purchasing a throwing program online or becoming a member of a website that’s entire premise is based on continual up-selling will help you achieve your goals. It is your choice and we are certain that what we do every day in physical therapy and medical performance training has never been done like what we do here at the OAI or been offered to the public in any way. There is an obvious difference between medically qualified experts in the field of biomechanics and the former coaches or former scouts that are pushing their products on the web right now. We have more athletes that end up in physical therapy as a result of being injured by these programs than we would like to remember.

This program has taken years to develop and is the only one of its kind.
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