Phase Specific Throwing Program

throwing a ball wants more speed.

We know that’s the primary reason young athletes are attracted to the websites available right now that promise immediate speed when you buy their program.  There is no easy way to increased velocity.  It requires repetition and hard work.  The programs on the Internet today all say the same thing – “Do this, throw 90 mph tomorrow.” We haven’t found a program similar to ours.

Our phase specific throwing program teaches you how to use your body the right way to increase all the variables you can control to increase your velocity.  The OAI Program also protects you from the injuries we treat that resulted from athletes who purchased programs that were not medically based. It takes years of repetition for the athletes you see on TV to control their kinetic chains and maximize their kinematic sequence.  Most often this occurred by chance.  The athletes that last the longest and perform the best have efficiency in their deliveries.  We teach you how to create the same timing and sequencing from phase to phase, and through each phase of the throwing motion that will take you to where your maximum velocity should be. 

We want nothing more than for your untapped potential to be realized.  We’re confident we can take you there.
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