Tommy John Surgery Recovery

We have been receiving many questions recently regarding athletes who have had Tommy John Surgery and are returning to throwing and are experiencing some pain or discomfort. The recovery process takes time and it will be uncomfortable. The most important thing is monitoring whether over time the symptoms continue to decrease or get less frequent.

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Hip Internal Rotation Stretch

We often see deficits in hip internal rotation that present in athlete’s throwing mechanics negatively impacting their performance and predisposing them to injury. In this video we show you how to properly stretch the illiopsoas musculature in hip extension and internal rotation! Also check out our video on Femoroacetabular Impingement Exercises – Hip Pain Reduced

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Best Exercises for Scapular Dyskinesis (Mid Low Trap Beginner to Advanced)

Weak mid and low traps can result in an array of dysfunction and pain for overhead athletes due to the inability to control the position of their scapula with scapular winging, dyskinesis, and malpositioning. The middle trapezius and lower trapezius are responsible for eccentrically stabilizing the scapula in the deceleration phases of the throwing motion.

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Baseball Exercises For Arm Strength

We have had many questions on how to increase arm strength for baseball players. All baseball players, not just pitchers, need to strengthen their throwing arms and this doesn’t happen by throwing a ball. To improve arm strength baseball players should have a specific and effective arm strengthening routine. This video will go through 5

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