Best Exercises for Scapular Dyskinesis (Mid Low Trap Beginner to Advanced)

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Weak mid and low traps can result in an array of dysfunction and pain for overhead athletes due to the inability to control the position of their scapula with scapular winging, dyskinesis, and malpositioning. The middle trapezius and lower trapezius are responsible for eccentrically stabilizing the scapula in the deceleration phases of the throwing motion. The exercises used for scapular dyskinesis include serratus strengthening as well as mid low trap and rhomboid training. Mid trap exercises and lower trap exercises are often neglected by overhead athletes but strengthening the mid and low trap should be staples in any corrective exercise program or rehabilitation program for overhead athletes. This is why we spend such a great amount of time on the intricacies of training these muscles at the OAI. In this video you will learn 3 of our favorite exercises for scapular winging and the low traps and mid traps.

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