Throwing Arm Path – What To Look For!

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Arm action or arm path is something we’ve been receiving questions about continually so we have decided to cover some of the things you can look for when looking a an athlete’s mechanics. Slow motion video has allowed us to better diagnose biomechanical faults and more deeply understand arm action based on anatomy and machine dynamics. High velocity throwers have peculiar similarities in their mechanics which allow them to throw as fast and as efficiently as they do. Keep in mind that whenever you’re looking at arm path the most important thing is what the rest of the body is doing simultaneously. Just looking at how the arm moves isn’t enough. The arm follows the pathway of least resistance meaning that functional limitations or mechanical faults in other areas of the body or throw can result in the arm being the wrong position further into the throw. If you’re interested in finding out more about pitching and throwing mechanics make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and let us know the questions that you have and the topics you would like us to cover.

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