OAI Video Analysis (3-D Medical Perspective)

Video Analysis is a vital and absolutely necessary component of performance evaluation.

It is critical to recognize biomechanical faults or tendencies in a throwers technique and know what changes need to be made. Many websites offer video analysis of the throwing motion as part of their program and also offer suggestions as to what changes need to be made to mimic the throwing motions of professional athletes.

The problem we have encountered thus far with these programs is that there is not a specific process as to how these changes can be implemented or incorporated to make a permanent change.

It is not easy to identify the changes that need to be made from a medical perspective. We have sent video of our athletes’ previous motions to the most prominent websites to determine what biomechanical deficits these individuals identified. We were not surprised that they recognized differences in the positions or sequencing of the athletes’ mechanics compared to professionals. What we were surprised with was the lack of understanding of how these faults correlated to inefficiency and were directly related to the athletes’ injury. Eliminating a biomechanical fault from a thrower requires a thorough understanding of why that fault exists and also what needs to be done to eliminate it. Our video analysis will identify what inefficiencies there are in your motion, our Baseball Specific Functional Movement Analysis will show you why those inefficiencies exist, and the OAI program will fix them and put you on the path to your true potential!

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