The Ultimate Test

Our program has been created in response to the incomplete understanding in the athletic community on how to instruct overhead athletes.

There are multiple options for athletes or parents that are investigating throwing or training programs. We have spent the last 10 years evaluating all the available programs and have concluded that few of them are founded in clinical science or are biomechanically sound. The throwing motion has been shown to produce extraordinary stress on the shoulder and elbow and is considered to be one of if not the most forceful athletic movements in all sports. It takes years to perfect and needs to be trained specifically by instructors who understand the implications and consequences of improper instruction. In my clinical experience as an orthopedic specialist in physical therapy, I have encountered thousands of injured athletes. In every instance, there were biomechanical faults that lead to injury. This resulted from a complete lack of recognition as to why improper throwing mechanics lead to pathological changes to the rotator cuff (RTC) or elbow that eventually lead to injury. My injuries as a former professional pitcher were the result of improper throwing technique. No one in the medical community or in professional athletics recognized this and altered my technique to prevent it. We will train you to recognize your own faults and show you how to eliminate them.


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