OAI Complete Program


  • OAI Complete Program

    12 Lessons $479.99

    Course Description: The only program ever created to increase usable tissue excursion while creating mobility and  stability through the positions of the throwing motion This program will include over 100 videos depicting exercises and throws over a 12 week time frame specifically designed to to transform your body and pitching mechanics This program includes videos […]

  • Return To Throw Program

    1 Lessons $150.00

    Return To Throw Program: This 30 day program is laid out step by step to depicting exactly what you do each day covering sets, reps, percent exertion, rest, and volume The exercises and throws utilized in this program are the same as the Phase Specific Throwing Program but are specifically programmed into a return to […]

  • OAI Corrective Exercise Program

    12 Lessons $250.00

    OAI Corrective Exercise Program: Increasing mobility and stability through the positions of the throw as well as the usable excursion of your muscles is the way to throw harder, and this is the only program that accomplishes this! This program will guide you through 12 weeks of rotational dynamic and static exercises At the completion […]

  • Advanced Rotator Cuff Complete

    1 Lessons $19.99

    This advanced rotator cuff program was designed to build upon the base that was built in the Rotator Cuff Complete Program (RTC) which is available for free. This 6 week progression will focus on the intensity and specificity of rotator cuff and periscapular muscle exercises. If you have recently completed therapy with us or have completed 6-12 weeks of specific rotator cuff strengthening this is the next step on your journey to arm health and peak performance.

  • Phase Specific Throwing Program

    12 Lessons $279.00

    Phase Specific Throwing Program Course Description : The internet’s first medically managed performance enhancement and injury prevention program for throwing athletes. Designed by former professional pitcher and 15 years physical therapy expert Ed Martel.  Online program will include 12 week rotator cuff strengthening and the phase specific throwing program. We guide you step by step through […]