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Phase Specific
Throwing Program

What are the keys to velocity? Why do some athletes look effortless in their throwing motions and at the same time create a ton of velocity and some athletes look like their trying to throw their arm out of their socket but don’t throw very hard? Where does velocity come from? Can you improve it? Throwing athletes searching the internet are looking for one thing. Increased speed. Every one of the websites I’ve investigated promise increased velocity. They substantiate their programs with testimonial after testimonial from athletes that used their program and now supposedly throw harder. Unfortunately, I treat the ones that get hurt. So who do you believe?

There is only one way to improve your throwing velocity

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Rotational Corrective Exercise Program


The OAI Corrective Exercise Program is designed with a specific progression to take you through dynamic and static rotational and postural control exercises. Every exercise was specifically chosen to increase usable range of motion and excursion of your tissues to allow you to throw as hard as they potentially can while simultaneously allowing you to more easily transition through the phases of the throwing motion. Increasing rotational mobility and stability throughout the entire kinematic sequence of the throwing motion is the most over looked aspect of training throwing athletes.

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OAI Complete 12 Week Program (Throwing Analysis Included)

There are three forms of acceleration involved in the throwing motion. Linear acceleration, how fast you go from point a to point b, rotational acceleration, how fast your body rotates around an axis while it goes from point a to b, and gravitational acceleration, how you use gravity to contribute to the velocity of your throw. THAT’S IT.

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