Why Athletes Need A Therapist!

Train at the Overhead Athletic Institute with one of our OAI Certified Professional Trainers

In the state of Michigan and in 48 other states you now have direct access. As an athlete you can now go to a physical therapist and be evaluated and receive treatment without a script from a physician.

This is a monumental benefit and cost saving piece of legislation that will help any athlete looking for their best available option. Therapists are educated in the areas of pathology, injury prevention, musculoskeletal and neurological anatomy and best able to physically intervene with principles of applied movement science, neuro-reeducation, and the utilization of corrective exercise. We are the only medical professionals that are trained in physical preventative care. The Doctorate degree in physical therapy is attained by completing a bachelors’ degree in the health sciences or related field and then spending four years continuously and rigorously training in the clinical and educational setting. This is why physical therapists are the most appropriate professionals athletes should seek out for preventative care. The OMPT certification is another two and a half years of clinical and educational training in musculoskeletal intervention and manipulation. A therapist degree with specialist certifications requires up to and above 6 years. NASM, ACSM, or CSCS trainer certifications can be completed over a weekend. With this in mind, who do you think is best prepared to work with you as an athlete?

OAI Therapists are the best resource for intervention for athletes in the arenas of musculoskeletal impairment and training.

We deal with the results of the surgeons who perform shoulder and elbow surgeries all the time. We can guide any athlete in the direction they need to go if surgical intervention is necessary. We have trained all of our therapists to recognize the most common injuries that athletes encounter and how to effectively treat them. Our OAI transitional program is the safest way for you to get back to the field performing better than you were prior to your injury.

You need to correct before you create and evaluation by an OAI trained therapist is your best option.

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