OAI Static Stability Exercises

Static stability exercises must include proper positioning throughout the entire excursion of motion to have the intended physiological and stabilization effect.

Deviation from the correct positioning defeats the purpose of the exercise. At the OAI we create more rotational stability and elastic range in your tissues to allow athletes to use the individual phases of our throwing program more effectively. We created these exercises to eliminate asymmetries and weaknesses we witnessed in the thousands of athletes we have treated. Many of these exercises are difficult to perform without support. Many of our exercises start from the tall kneeling or half kneeling positions. Progressing to a the split stance position without perfecting all aspects of the activity can lead to decreased control of the pelvis or trunk and reinforce an incorrect movement pattern.

Each exercise is designed to create stability and more usable flexibility that will assist in maximizing your ability to create rotational speed throughout the entire throwing motion.

As medical professionals we understand why inefficiencies can lead to injury and why they rob you of speed. We cannot stress enough the importance of the specificity of exercise. Our number one goal at the OAI is to have each athlete reach his/her potential without injury. Do the exercise right before progressing towards the next level.

The split stance position is more challenging because it requires balance while performing the exercise.

We often reference the position of the pelvis during the description of our exercises. This position is paramount to achieving maximal core activation which is absolutely necessary for an overhead athlete. Understanding the neutral/posterior pelvic tilt will be demonstrated and must be perfected by each athlete and maintained through many of these exercises. Do not progress unless this position of pelvis is completely understood and intrinsic to you.

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