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Welcome to Overhead Athletic Institute: Medical Management and Performance Enhancement for Overhead Athletes

The OAI exercise program is designed to address specific individual aspects of muscle activation, proximal stabilization, and RTC strength, each of which has been shown to contribute to efficient pitching mechanics. These exercises must be performed perfectly in order for them to be remotely effective. When athletes go through our Baseball Specific Functional Movement Assessment (BSFMA), postural deviations, core instability, length imbalances, and weakness will be investigated. These exercises address the most prevalent functional deficits we encounter working with high level elite professional athletes or during the rehabilitation of injured athletes.

Correct performance and appropriate progression will allow any athlete who comes to the OAI or chooses our online program to maximally benefit from our Phase Specific Throwing Program.

The repetitions used and the duration of exercise are specific to each muscles role during the individual phases of the throwing motion.  Exercising muscles in the way they are used in the throwing motion and preparing the body for the enormous forces placed on the joints and ligaments during the throwing motion has to be specific. At the OAI, that’s exactly what we do.

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